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Online Live Support 24/7 Contact by Telegram - WhatsApp - Email. Our staff will respond your and will help you so kindly. If you have a question before purchase or after complete order, just send us a message on Telegram or WhatsApp. We will respond you soon.


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24-Hours Monitoring services. All Telegram accounts are real and we wont add any bot for you, Our team are checking members on database every day. Don't worry about report and block, we add all subscribers in safe mode and secure methods.


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We advertise your business on +3000 Telegram active channels. If you bought more than 20k subscribers, we will give you some gifts: free submit your channel and group link in related Telegram directory. it will attract targeted members for you.

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Telegram Target Members For Channel And Group

FAQ : Do You Have Any Question About Buy Telegram Subscribers?

1How can i trust you?
If you want to buy Telegram subscribers or post views for first time. We can add 100 demo members to gain your trust. After that you can purchase your target package safely! For this reason contact us on Telegram or WhatsApp and get 100 trial members.
2Are the Telegram members real accounts or they are bots?
All of them are real accounts and we never add bot for our customers. if you want to buy offline (fake) members, note that they are real account but inactive. means they are "Last seen a long time ago".
3What should I do if Telegram members drop?
in this case you can contact us on Telegram and describe your issue, We will cover lost members. for example if you buy 10k Telegram subscribers and after couple days drop 500 of them, We will add 500 members for you to cover them.
4If i want to buy bulk Telegram members, can I get discount?
Yes sure. If your package doesn't exist in our website, contact us on Telegram or WhatsApp messenger. For more than 5k members We will give you discount.
5If I buy Telegram subscribers, Can I change my link after start?
Yes sure you for example if you bought 10k members and you got 2k then contact us and we will stop adding. Another 8k subscribers will add to your target link. Attention: do not change your public link while we are add members for you, If you want to do that, inform us.
6How can I buy Telegram post views scheduled?
In this case, Do not buy from website. Just contact us on Telegram or WhatsApp and inform us how many post views you want daily or monthly. Bulk post views will include amazing discount!
7Why active members are more expensive than fake members?
Offline (fake) members will add from our database but online members will add via pop up notification and advertise on other related Telegram channels or groups.
8I have a new Telegram channel or group, which package is good for me?
If you have a new Telegram channel or group, Try offline (fake) members to increase subscribers. When you publish some attractive posts then buy online Telegram subscribers.

Offline Channel Subscribers

Cheap Price
High Speed To Add Members
Permanent Members
Six Months Warranty
Instant Delivery
Low Drop Rate
Safe For Channels
Speed Increase As Normal
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Active Channel Subscribers

Unlimited Capacity
Safe Speed To Add Members
Interested Members
Two Months Warranty
Instant Delivery
Normal Drop Rate
Real Members
Increase Post Views + Customers
Gift [ 10% More ]

Channel Post Views

Unlimited Capacity
High Speed To Increase Post Views
Real Views
Amazing Price
Super instant Delivery
Permanent And Useful
Each 5k Views = 1k Free Members
Accept Daily, Monthly And Yearly
Gift [ 20% More ]

Telegram Poll Votes

100K Capacity
Increase Speed Will Control By Customer
Real Votes By Human
All method Support
100% Safe Vote
Good Price
Each 2k Votes = 100 Free Votes
Accept Just Public Groups
Gift [ 5% More ]

Buy Telegram Group Members

All of our members are real accounts and will add in safe mode so don't worry that your channel or group got banned or blocked by users. Offline members are inactive and won't report your channel and online members are active and will join at their discretion. We have many databases for add fake members and if you lose members after buying a package should contact us and we will cover that. now you can buy Telegram members with PayPal, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Skrill, Neteller, and Mastercard. If your country hasn't had these payment methods don't worry I can introduce some websites to buy PayPal and Bitcoin. Before Buying Telegram members I suggest you try 100 free members (demo). In our job, trust is the first word.

Buy Fake Telegram Subscribers

Fake Telegram subscribers mean subscribers who are not real accounts and will add by a bot, not a human. this plan is so cheap and not useful for Telegram business channels and groups. because they will leave and disappear after some days. I do not suggest buying fake Telegram members at a cheap price instead of that you can buy offline Telegram subscribers (permanent and secure). the decreasing rate of fake Telegram members is too high between 50% to 75%. And this is because Telegram deletes off-line and inactive(fake) members once in a while. but the drop rate for offline members (real account = last seen a long time ago) is between 5% to 15% which is a great rate.

Buy Telegram Targeted Channel Members

This package is real random subscribers from the USA, India, Russia, United Arab Emirates, and middle east countries. because Telegram is most popular in the middle east and if you are from Europe and USA should tell me before buying real Telegram members or can explain that in the description of online purchase. online and active members will see your content as normal members and it's the best way to increase subscribers naturally. To increase targeted Telegram Members [] has introduced you few amazing promotion services plans to make the process easy for the clients. for more information contact me and explain your issue, I'll help you to boost your channel so easily. this package is good for ICO, Crypto, and other business. Targeted subscribers are one of the best and safest methods for increasing and improving online shopping. This method can bring you the customer and interested people that you need for your business. that's a real revolution!
buy telegram members 2022

Buy Telegram Channel Subscribers

However, the most probable thing as we know which came into existence back in 2015. Channels were made to broadcast various messages among different users and subscribers that have a subscription to your channel. But, at the time, people went too far, and now you can buy different Telegram members and channels so you can have more subscriptions for yourself.
Various services have to have given you the environment of buying various Telegram members and subscriptions as well. It can have a difference between many possibilities that people want to have for themselves. Such as members to follow, targets to make sure that this age group follows you or you have more subscriptions from this age group is the thing now you can target through various services.
Many websites or applications allow you to buy members or subscribers for your channels. You can have various member terms that you can read as follow:

1. Silent Members (those people who do not have activity around your channel environment)

2. Real Members (those people that have followed you for real and give you a tough time through your channel environment and content.

3. Target Members (an age group that you can target for your channel)

You can visit various websites for your channel subscription and can buy followers and subscribers for your channel. You can pay in cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, and WebMoney), etc.
Channel Member is one such website that allows you to see various packages that differentiate with your choice of members and subscribers. You can visit their website to see the packages that they are giving so you can see for yourself everything they are giving you.
Not only Members but, you can also have virtual members, votes, and Post viewers as well at your channel to grow and increase the subscribers, so you get famous in many terms.

Plans For Buying Members

As we all know that Channel Member is one such online marketplace from which you can buy or hire people for your Telegram subscriptions. People will then make sure to give you views, check and click your content, react to your posts, and even give you proper feedback about how you are doing in the market.
Since the evolution and upgrade routine of Telegram, the environment has gone more secured and encrypted that people now consider giving their subscribers the edge of having to contact them as well to know whether they are the real ones or the silent ones (the concept of silent members as we have already discussed in the previous section).
There are various plans that channel member allows their customers to go through and has to check the best possible option for them and for their needs or wants about the subscription they are offering to the people. Some of these plans are as follows, making sure that the people who are wanting to know more about getting enough piece of information:

Free Telegram Members Plan:

In Free Plan, you can have a limit of 100 members (the silent ones), these will give you nothing but will make sure that they are viewing your posts as well as giving you enough clicks that might help in terms to grow the channel of what you are presenting to the audience of the people around you. Some key points of this plan are as follows:

1. Free Telegram Channel Subscribers
2. 50 Days Guarantee Users
3. High-Quality Followers
4. Free 40 Post Views
5. Accept Bitcoin, PayPal, Ethereum, and Skrill

Buy Telegram Post Views For Business Channels

Telegram application can make an exceptional promoting stage for your business. Yet, you have to use this source properly. It enables entrepreneurs to make channels and groups by adding a huge number of endorsers to this system. You can share sound, video, exit, and PDF documents with your group of spectators. In any case, to support your ubiquity, you can likewise get post views for Telegram. The number of Telegram members, individuals, and views are the most conspicuous and best ubiquity estimation of a channel or group in Telegram. A colossal number of individuals in a Telegram channel or group means- its prominence and acknowledgment.

For What Reason Need To Buy Telegram Post Views?

Administrators, for the most part, liken expanding post views, to developing their channel group of spectators. So more posts view equivalent to increasingly drawing in individuals. If a business controls the Telegram Channel, network directors would, for the most part, be estimated by normal perspectives on posts, since these perspectives can likewise mean the post was considered "great" or "fascinating" by individuals from the channel.

How can you increase Telegram post views?

The undeniable answer is to develop your Telegram channel with genuine individuals quickly, isn't that so? In any case, this is an assignment that can take quite a while utilizing conventional techniques, for example, advancing the channel on your site, web-based life, or other related Telegram stations. There are Telegram channel administrations committed to helping channels with their promoting exercises.

Purchase Telegram Channel Post Views

Buy Telegram post views is one of the best promotion services that you can experience at a low price. if you plan to buy offline subscribers then you will need to buy post views to show your channel or group as normal. if you want to purchase 1k post views, we can do that for your 5 posts with a gift! for example for 5 posts, each post 1k views just for 3$ and super instant delivery. Album posts that contain multiple photos or videos will count multiple. for example, one post that has 3 album pictures will count as 3 posts because we should increase views for each photo. you can easily increase the number of post views on your channel by using this promotion service.
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Buy Telegram Post Views Instantly

We will provide you with the Telegram post views in no time. So you do not need to wait to increase your telegram account performance. Moreover, we have several years of experience and we believe in delivering the best service to our clients.

If you are serious about building your telegram account then you must buy the post views from us. Increasing the channel organically takes a lot of time so to fast up this process you can buy the views from us. Moreover, post views left a huge impact on your audience because if the audience sees your huge views then it will develop the trust for your brand in the mind of your customers.

Telegram post view service can be very beneficial for you. If you are just starting with your channel then just go ahead and buy post views from us to give an immediate boost to your telegram account.

Our service will help you to beat the competition present in the market. So it will be easy for you to overcome all the competition present in the market.

When You Should Buy Telegram Post Views?

We offer you telegram post views and other telegram services. So we understand what is the importance of post views for your telegram group or channel. This is the reason why we provide a real post view at an affordable price.

You should buy post views if you don't want to wait for your account to grow organically. Moreover, if your marketing strategy is not giving you the required results then buying post views is a very good move to improve your marketing strategy. You should buy post views because of the below reasons.

  • It's so cheap and instant delivery
  • Your members will trust your channel
  • Increase your brand popularity
  • Boost members on your Telegram group or channel

If you are the one who is in the above situation then our service can be very helpful for you.

Advantages of Buying Telegram Post Views

Telegram views are an essential part of the promotion of your channel. Moreover, there are various benefits of buying telegram post views which we have discussed below.

  • Increases your brand visibility on Telegram.
  • It leaves a positive impact on the people about your brand.
  • Post views improve the traffic flow on your telegram channel or group.
  • Attract potential customers and find sponsorships.
  • Boost your revenues by increasing the sales of your product or services.

If you have a large number of views on your telegram account then more and more users will visit your telegram channel to see your popularity. So to boost your channel performance and get all the above benefits select one of our packages now.

How to Buy Telegram Post Views?

Buying Telegram post views is not a difficult process all you had to do is follow the below steps.

  • Select one of the packages present on our website.
  • Once you select the package complete the payment process. There are various modes available on our website through which you can complete the payment process.
  • When you complete the payment process you will send it to the dashboard where you need to provide the information regarding your telegram account.
  • After completing all the above steps we will start transferring the post views to your telegram account.

When you follow all the above steps you are ready to boost your account performance by increasing the post views on your telegram account.

Buy Telegram Polls (Online Votes)

This term does not refer to that if you are going to buy an entire poll. Still, it means that you might go for people that can vote on your poll and you make yourself a satisfactory and up-to-the-mark kind of business or an influencer when you are struggling in this line of business or individualism.
However, many services provide you with the authenticity from which you can buy the Telegram votes online. This not only helps you to go through the proper piece of information through which you might generate a statistical report about how you are doing but, it also helps you to gain traffic to your channel.

There are different techniques that you might want to follow to promote your business or channel but, polls is one of the best technique because polls are public and anyone can come and vote at the poll you have designed on your telegram channel. It helps you gain more traffic for your channel. If your content is up to the mark and the random amount of people that are voting on your polls get the proper interaction, you might get a new follower or subscriber, not only on your telegram channel but also in real life as well.

You might be wondering where you can get the service of buying Telegram votes online. Well, [] is one such place from where you can buy votes, not only votes but members as well. So, what are you waiting for? Visit this website, and they can give you millions of votes in just a few hours.

Buy Telegram Accounts

Telegram accounts are appended to telephone numbers and are checked by SMS or phone call. Customers can add various devices to their accounts and get messages from everybody. Related contraptions can be cleared only or simultaneously. The related number can be changed at whatever point and while doing in that capacity, the customer's contacts will get the new number consequently. In development, a customer can set up a bogus name that empowers them to send and get messages without revealing their phone number. Telegram accounts can be deleted at whatever point and they are eradicated normally following a half year of latency as per usual, which can, on the other hand, be changed to multi-month and a year.

Features Of Telegram Accounts

• Distinctive Profile Photos
Talking about products, telegram empowers you to move different profile photos. Believe it or not, you can move an indistinguishable number of pictures from what you like. The latest photo is the profile picture your contacts will see, yet they can swipe to see the rest of the photos.

• Mystery Chats
Did you understand that your message history is the most vital bit of your phone concerning private information? Despite why you should need to keep your visits stealthily, telegram empowers you to do it.

• Tweak Your Telegram
In Telegram, you can make and use your custom theme. Also, there are various ways to deal with re-try it and make your Telegram look exactly the way wherein you need it to.

• Telegram Bots
Where there is propelled correspondence, there will be chatbots. While bots aren't most likely going to override your applications, they are up 'til now supportive. Bots can do everything from helping you recuperate different sorts of information to helping you improve your productivity.
buy telegram votes for polls

Buy Poll Votes for Telegram Groups

If you are not getting enough votes on your telegram group polls then don't worry because we will provide you with the votes so you can grow your telegram group. Moreover, it is very difficult to grow your telegram group organically so to speed up this process you can use our services.

If there is more and more engagement in your telegram group then there is a very high chance that telegram will promote your telegram group and your telegram account will boost organically. The telegram votes we provide you will help you to increase your brand awareness so more and more people can find you and use your services.

Why You Should Buy Telegram Votes for Your Business?

There are various benefits of buying telegram votes and we have discussed all these benefits in detail. Through telegram votes, you can grab the attention of your customers and grab more audiences for your business.

These attractions will help you to increase brand awareness. Moreover, according to expert polls are a great way to stand apart from your competitors. To use the vote techniques on your telegram group you should only fulfill two things the first is to create a relevant pole and the second is to target the right customers for the poll.

If you are facing difficulty in increasing your poll engagement then you can use our service because a poll engagement will be very helpful for you to grow your telegram channel or group.

You can create different types of polls on your telegram account and when we provide you votes on your poll then your customers will think that your products and services are genuine and they will buy your products and services. Apart from this, there are other benefits too which are mentioned below.

  • Increase your promotion strategy.
  • Create Better Marketing Campaigns.
  • Grab More Traffic.
  • Increase user interaction.
  • An affordable way to increase the growth of your Telegram account.
  • Create brand awareness and sell more through the telegram channel.

So to get all the above benefits on your telegram channel or group you can choose any of our packages.

How to Buy Telegram Votes?

If you are planning to buy telegram votes then don't worry because we make this process very easy for you. The only thing you had to do is follow the below steps to buy telegram votes from us.

  • Firstly visit our website and choose one of the packages depending on your needs.
  • After selecting a package complete the payment. There are various payment methods available on our site so it will be easy for you to complete the payment process.
  • Once you complete the payment process. You will be sent to the dashboard where you have to give us all the information regarding your telegram account.
  • When you finish the above steps we will start processing the votes to your telegram account.

When you follow all the above steps you are ready to boost your telegram account performance.

Why You Should Choose US?

We provide you with various telegram-related services including the telegram votes service. Below we have mentioned some of the main reasons why you should work with us.

Simple Platform: We have a very user-friendly platform so you will not face any difficulty in using our service.

1- Control: We provide you the control over your account performance. You can decide how many votes you want on your telegram group or channel.
2- Customer Support: We have professional customer support that is available 24/7 for you. So you can contact us anytime if you are facing any difficulty in ordering our services.
3- Affordable Price: We have an affordable price that fits everyone's budget. So whether your business is small or big you can use our service to grow your telegram channel.
4- Security: We never ask about your personal information, password, and OTP. Moreover, we have a secure payment platform on our website. So you do not need to worry about your security if you use our service.