1How can i promote my Telegram channel?
We provide some services that you can use them to increase your Telegram channel subscribers and post views. Just take a look to our products and choose what you need.
2What is Telegram offline (inactive) members?
Telegram offline members or inactive members means the subscribers that haven't any activity (last seen a long time ago). we never add bot members and they are all real account.
3What is online (active) members?
Telegram online members can see your content and they are active members but if you haven't any attractive content they will leave your channel or group. like normal members you should make them stay with marketing methods.
4What about delivery time?
If you buy any package (Telegram members, Telegram post views or Telegram votes for poll) we will receive your order and will instantly. but we will busy you order will start as soon as we can. maximum time for start orders is 2 hours.
5If i buy any package, can i get discount?
We included discount to ours products price as well as possible. for example if you buy 5k offline members, you will get 5$ as discount. and for bulk orders we can give you more discount. in this case just need to contact us on Telegram or WhatsApp.
6What should i do if my members left the channel or group after buy?
we guarantee our products for 3 months. this mean if you lost your members just need to contact us and inform your order details. we will review the order and will add members for you again.
7Is it possible that my channel or group got report after buy members?
All members will add in safe mode and our members are global and safe. they wont report your channel or group. just extract embers from unknown group o channel and add them to another channel is risky. we never do that for our clients.
8How you can increase Telegram post views?
We have many big channels and group and when you order post views package, target post will publish in that channels and groups. so we never use bot to increase post views.
9Can I order Telegram post views as scheduled?
Yes sure, in this case you should contact us and explain your order. for example if you publish 2 posts everyday, we can increase your post views scheduled everyday.
10I want to buy votes for my Telegram poll please help me.
All votes for Telegram polls will done via real person and like always we wont use bot. we will ask our subscribers to submit vote as you want. also scheduled votes accept but you should inform us after buy this products.