Create Telegram Poll

How To Create Telegram Poll?

There are several reasons for the popularity and reputation that the Telegram app has gained. Telegram poll is one of those reasons and many users from […]
Disable Telegram Voice Calls

Disable Telegram Voice Calls

One of the amazing features of Telegram is the ability for calling your contacts through voice or video connection. In this sense, you can call your […]
Floating Video In Telegram

Play Floating Video In Telegram

From the time that Telegram was introduced up to now, this app has developed in an interesting way. With each update, the users were surprised and […]
Increase Telegram Channel Members

How To Increase Telegram Channel Members?

There is no doubt that Telegram is one of the best virtual networks in the world and is in the top three networks in terms of […]
Clear Cache In Telegram

How To Clear Cache (All Data) In Telegram?

Telegram messaging app is a popular alternative to WhatsApp and Signal. It is a cross-platform messaging service with enhanced encryption and privacy. Telegram is a secure […]
Disable Automatic Download In Telegram

Disable Automatic Download Files In Telegram

Although the automatic download feature in Telegram is quite useful, especially when you don’t want to save every Telegram media file manually, you should notice that […]
What Is Telegram Poll

What Is Telegram Poll?

Telegram poll is one of the popular tools of Telegram that have attracted the attention of many channels and groups’ owners. Because this tool allows them […]
Change Telegram Channel From Private To Public

How To Change Telegram Channel From Private To Public?

To get started, let’s get familiar with what the Telegram channel is. Telegram Channels allow you to send broadcasts. You create the channel and Telegram users […]